Thursday, June 11, 2015

Starting off on our first quest

The group of at least 3 first time players of D&D. And here well go....

It takes us forever to do anything as a group. My character is called to see the king and we are giving a note. Which basically gives us what we need to do.

That basically how are characters meet each other for the first time. So we meet and then plan what we need to do. This is suppose to role playing but most of what we are doing is out of character and we don't care. For the most part we are just having fun. We crack jokes about our characters all the time. 

Our characters go and gather supplies and then heads out the next morning (in the game). We head north and find where we needed to get to, but trying to get use to all the role playing. I am always using Detect Evil and Pascal is always Detect noise. Every turn we take "do i detect evil", "do I detect noise" this driving our DM insane. Well we mess up the DM plans and meet a bigger enemy then planned at our levels. By surprise we defeat a level 7 NPC and kill 5 other dudes in like one blow. 

So after defeating the wrong enemy and finding this tome that is evil. We depart and head back to the castle and meet the king. As we make are way back we are being followed and eventually get defeated and captured. We are on the wagon being guarded by skeletons. My character can't break the chains and my character is the strongest and can't do it. Tristan had a slim chance to break them and he does. We escape capture and make it bake to the castle and meet with the king.

We brought bad news...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mad god the Beginning

Back in January my friends and I started to play D&D. It was the first time that I had ever played. So I got to create my own person which was tough and fun. It was tough because I didnt know what I was doing and fun because I was creating this new character. I created a Half-Gaint Paladin. I named him Thayne. I did start a blog from his point of view a while back. My other friends created their own charater and then we had a crew. Our Dungeon Master was Damon and he had played for a while.

This Thayne at first level. After our characters were created Damon went over some of the rules about the game. Then we planned on meeting the following Sunday to start our adventure. I believe for the most part the Campaign was going to around my character at least at first. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Creating a New World

So I created this new blog because I wanted to tell the stories of the games I play with all my friends. The games that I play with my friends become fun adventures every night.

I am also creating a completely new world in D&D, where I want to post about those adventures separate from my Thayne blog. Thayne is in character. Speaking of which I need to update that one it has been a while.

So come join in the adventures with me and comment let me know what you think.